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September Eleven and the Lord’s Prayer.

You know, whenever there is a significant event in the history of the world it causes a lot of soul searching. This past few weeks has marked the 10th anniversary of the acts of terror against the USA at the World Trade Centre (Twin Towers) and also the Pentagon.

Being a spiritual man I attended church on September 11th this year. It fell on a Sunday so this would most probably have been the natural outcome anyway, however the message which was delivered in relation to communion was somewhat of a revelation to me.

The speaker commented on the date and what we all were remembering as acts of terror and then drew our attention to the fact that it was free will which allowed the terror to unfold that day.

Choices were made and actions put in place long before the final outcome of that fateful morning.

He pointed out that God had told us how to pray in such circumstances. He then directed us to the Lord’s Prayer and described the first part of Jesus’ famous words.

Like any correspondence it starts out with a salutation and an address:-

Our Father, who art in Heaven…

Then follows along with an uplifting and acknowledging statement:-

Hallowed by thy name…

Next there is a request:-

Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

It was at this point that he paused… for a long time… it seemed… We wondered why?

“You see” he explained, “even Jesus conceded that free will plays a part in our daily lives and he was suggesting that we should appeal to God the Father to keep us safe and on a path that is in line with his will.”

Being human does not make us perfect.

Free will actually allows us to make our own decisions, right or wrong. It is up to us to be clear of conscience and follow through with what we decide.

God the Father is the perfect gentlemen, therefore he neither forces nor demands. Ultimately we need to be open to his promptings, the key is being open. His promptings are gentle and loving as would be the guidance of a loving parent to an infant.

So what was my revelation?

Well, I have free will at my disposal too. I have a gift and a talent which in my humble opinion is God given.

Being a copywriter demands certain responsibilities and even though I use the skill of Emotional Direct Response every day, I must be aware that this skill needs to be administered with wisdom and care.

It is incumbent on me to be able to connect with the reader on an emotional level but not to be manipulative.

The men that flew the planes that day in 2001 had been dishonest and had learned to fly long haul airliners not for the greater good of Mankind.

That morning when they went about their path of destruction, they took the goodwill and dedication of their instructors along with them.

They took what appeared before hand to be an honourable and honest skill to serve other citizens and used it to bring absolute mayhem and tyranny.

This kind of manipulation and force is what Jesus took the time to teach his disciples (and ultimately us) to pray against in what we now know as the Lord’s Prayer.

“Your will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.”    …It rings in my ears!

As far as I can tell, the zealots that carried out the 9/11 attacks were not following my God’s will. What an emotional response they caused! They carved one of the deepest wounds ever in the history of the world to date.

Yet I believe that this catastrophe, as grand a scale as it is, gives opportunity for those who believe like me to see the mercy of God.

Now just wait a minute. I can feel your amazement even from here before I have even published this, but hear me out.

Despite the anger, retribution, desire to get even and the frustration of the chase that we all in our human minds were feeling in the days post the incident, I am willing to bet that Gods heart broke just as much for the perpetrators as it did for the victims and because of free will he could do nothing to intervene.

But in the final wash up, it’s not our role to judge. In Matthew chapter 7 verse 1 Jesus reminds us, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged” NIV.

I don’t know what you think and feel, but my God is BIG.

And if this kind of atrocity forms some part of the sin and shame that Jesus came to bear, then I am at a loss to describe just how big God is. As humbled as I am, I am totally insignificant by comparison.

(This article is based on improvisations from Rod Hennegan’s inspirational thoughts, freely shared with us at Hope City Church, Brisbane, Australia on Sunday 11th of September 2011. Thanks Rod for expanding our minds.)

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