Nov 28

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Can Anyone Tell Me How You Trust A Mentor Who Actively Believes And Promotes “Fake It Til You Make It” When All This Really Says Is They Are Still Faking It?

When I was 16 I was indentured as an Apprentice Electrical Fitter and Armature Winder. I spent my days learning the craft, rewinding motors and changing bearings. 4 years later I was licensed and qualified and then went out into the big wide world to begin my career.

The first thing that happened was I was dismissed as being a novice and could not command any respect. I had the ticket to prove my knowledge but no experience outside the shelter of my apprenticeship. Essentially I was considered to be fresh from the nursery!

It was a further 5 years and a change of employment before I was taken as a serious contender for reliable input. So this raises a question which I want to put to you.

If You Found Out That Your Dentist Or Doctor Was Faking It Til They Made It, Would You Still Go For Treatment?

Look, perhaps I’m in a funny mood but I make no bones about this. I don’t subscribe to the whole “Fake it til you make it” thing. I think if you have something of value to share you should stand on what you believe and promote it. This is because if you believe it then you have already made it. From this point you are simply building a body of experience.

You see if you are anything like me you will have a well tuned bullshit detector. When someone tries to sell you on something you will notice their body language (maybe even subconsciously) and decide to test them. The test is designed to flush out the depth of their knowledge and see if they are for real.

So If The Entrepreneurs Of This World Are Right Then Why Is Faking It Til You Make It The Long And Winding Road Most Travelled?

Let me just say, there is no point of difference in doing what everyone else is doing. You either believe in what you do or you are in the wrong industry/niche and need to take a long hard look at yourself to find out who you are!

There is absolutely no sense in faking it and trying to be somebody else. Most people see straight through the veneer and dismiss your attempts. Much better to be true to yourself.

So How Can You Be Authoritative In Your Field When You Only Have Limited Experience?

It is said that “testimonials are the most powerful form of credibility” but I suggest they are not the only way to show that you are authentic. By providing evidence of your truth through facts, statistics and strategically insightful stories you connect with your audience in a way that elevates your position.

It promotes your knowledge and provides important information to your marketplace. This also separates you from the pack and gives you the point of difference you need. Essentially they buy into your passion.

From where I stand there is absolutely no need to fake it. Just be yourself and promote your truth. If you study your subject and have a solid understanding, by referencing your facts and statistics you will build authenticity by default.

As a consequence you will present with confidence and truth. And let me tell you, nothing draws a crowd like confidence and truth!

And if you teach your truth, you will be naturally believable. This is where your authority and authenticity comes from. As time passes, your experience builds. Just as an Apprentice learns his craft, so will you and from your body of experience testimonials will begin to emerge.

Don’t be fooled, everybody dreams of the big payday but nobody is an overnight sensation.

So stop faking it! Even the bible states “I believe, therefore I speak”. Have faith in yourself, become expert in your knowledge and never stop educating yourself.

And if you suspect that your mentor is leading you astray, contact me and I will connect you with the genuine article. In any case don’t just fall for the first shiny object. Be sure you are being mentored by someone who has done the hard yards and is authentic.

As the saying goes, “You have got to stand for something or you will fall for anything”!

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  1. Konrad

    Well written Gary,we are so fortunate to have the likes of Pete Godfrey to shine the light and give us a solid foundation. As you say there is a lot of fake it out there. Sadly a lot of people do their dough by not learning what you have.
    I would encourage anybody to take up Gary’s offer, if you have been lead astray by someone who can’t show you their results. What Gary is sharing is where the money is.
    Thanks for what you are doing Gary

    1. Gary

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Konrad. As always I value your input. Take care mate.

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