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Me, Myself and I. What’s The Go With That?

Do You Really Expect Me To Listen To You Blow Your Own Trumpet Continuously And Then Think I Will Dive Into My Pocket And Pay You For The Experience?

Hi there and thanks for joining me today. I have been wanting to look at the way many website owners give no thought to connecting with their reader and so today I am airing my thoughts.

There is this part of me that reads the content of the websites I visit looking for connection. I guess that is just the copywriter in me but I look for the point of view which makes me want to keep reading. Sadly most website owners just don’t get this.

They seem to be caught up in some technical reference to this, that and the other thing and their copy is all me, me, me! I get to the point where I just switch off.

Do You Feel This Way Too? Why Don’t They Get It?

It’s not about the thing! It’s not about your blinkered view of the world! It’s about your visitor! Your potential customer! The very person you want to catch when they arrive from their google search.

You have got to write to them… not about you.

Your copy should be benefit filled and teasing them with what they will feel when they own what you are peddling.

Talk with them in an entertaining way and make them feel warm and fuzzy; give them something to laugh at even. You have got to give them a reason to keep reading because if you don’t, they’re gone!

So today I am going out on a limb and posting some deeper content that will probably seem obvious once you read through it.

Here’s a neat little trick to try.

Check over what you have written for the words “I” and “we”. Read these sentences out to yourself aloud and think…

Think of a way to say the same thing but using the words “you” and “your”.

This will turn the focus to the reader. It will appear that you are talking to them personally. You will connect with them and give them a sense of conversation.

You could even weave a story around the use of your product and speak in such a way that your visitor can imagine themselves as the person in the story.

OK, you’ve most likely heard that one before, but what about this idea below?

Here is another little tip which helps bring the benefits home.

Bring the tense of your writing into the present and give the reader the feeling that they are already using your stuff.

A simple way to do this is to remove the word “will” wherever you can. This takes your content from future to present. Instead of saying your “widget will do…” say your “widget does…” Or “You will get…” to “You get…”

This is a classic way of bringing the tense of your writing into the now!

“I will give you another example” translates to “Here is another example”. See how immediate the second sentence is.

This may seem like semantics but the psychology of the sale is very subtle. When you go into a shop to purchase, the assistant knows that if you can see yourself using the item you are more inclined to buy. That is why they encourage you to try on a piece of clothing or test drive a car. It allows you to connect with the look and feel.

You can do the same in your writing if you bring the tense into the present.

The reader’s mind does not easily distinguish between reality and strong visual images. By painting a picture in their mind that makes them feel like they are already enjoying your product or service, you cause them to sell themselves.

The imagined becomes reality and you get the reader actively pursuing the feeling.

Of course this sounds rather simple but in reality you pretty much need to write what you want to say, basically downloading it from your brain to paper or your PC. Better to capture your thoughts than to be worrying about certain words.

Once you have your thoughts down however, just go and rework the content to bring it conversationally into the now.

Try it out. The change to your content will amaze you.

Ooops! The changes this makes to your content is amazing!

“Whew! That took some thinking!”

I’m interested in your thoughts and experiences on this so don’t be shy.

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