Jan 17

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FEAR. False Evidence Appearing Real!

It All Started Over Dinner…

For us this weekend past has been a lesson in mindset. It started out at dinner with friends, both of whom are active in personal development. Every time we get together I feel challenged and little bit stretched (in a good way).

This flowed on to both Sandy and I individually resolving outstanding jobs which have been on the list a long time.

Saturday night we watched a movie called the Green Lantern. The theme of the story was that although we face fear in many areas of our lives, we turn and face them with courage and persistence when we face adversity.

Surely we would be better served if we could draw on this courage without any drama unfolding to prod us into action.

Sunday morning at church we were challenged to address the baggage we carry. Our Pastor spoke about remnants from past situations which only bring us down and hold us back.

It was all very timely.

It has opened our minds to new possibilities. A simple chain of events which individually seem disconnected and yet the theme is almost perfectly aligned.

Have you ever experienced a series of events like this?

You know, making a change is just a decision away. A choice which you commit to and follow through with.

This last weekend made us look at where we are. Perhaps a good thing to be doing at this time of year as we are well into January now and the momentum of the year is building.

Why not have a look at where you’re at. Does it align with where you want to be? If not, check your fears. See the baggage that your fear brings.

Can you cut some of that baggage lose? You’ve got to let it go people. I can assure you it will be liberating.

Change your focus. Alter the attitude that you respond with. Modify the way you react when that same old situation rears its ugly head. Change your tune.

Whistle a new song.

Do you know, it’s impossible to be sad and whistle. “What does that have to do with anything?” I hear you ask!

Well try it! You will soon see that the simple act of whistling can change your whole demeanour.

And that is the point. You decide to whistle and you make a change.

So if making a change is this easy, what other false boundaries are you locked in by?

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  1. Konrad

    Another great post Gary! I am really enjoying what you share, and hope people realise the value of what you say.
    A good friend of mine Craig Jervis taught me to always ask the quality question “What’s good about this?” no matter how bad the circumstance is it helps you to focus in the right direction.I like your tip about whistling.
    2011 was a year very much about alignment and growing for me,Jennie Armato has been sharing quite a bit with us about it through the year, also the book “The Law Of Success” by Napolean Hill has been a “Great Help!” to me,some of Hills work is outdated but much of it helps us to understand very much what we talk about on here and would recommend it to all who are interested in mindset etc.
    Have a most Outstanding Day!!!

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