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Does a Welcome Message Make a Good Website Greeting?

Have You Ever Thought About The Best Way To Open Conversation With Your Website Visitors?

I have been writing some content for a client’s website lately and each step of the way I have asked for feedback to ensure I am on the right track.

It has been an interesting exercise and one which has highlighted the lack of understanding and misconceptions of most people who have websites built.

Usually there are three main pages to a website; a home page, an about us page and a services or products page.

To me the functions are obvious however there are a few hidden opportunities here which people don’t think about without some guidance.

The Process.

Working backwards is something I do when I make a website as this actually helps to form the content.

Once a client goes through my questionnaire, I start with the products or services page. This is usually the main reason for the website in the first place.

By looking through the info I collected in my questionnaire I can decipher the importance of how a product or service affects the potential user. I write a list of features, benefits and feelings and then convert this to written content by talking it into my mp3 recorder (a smart phone will do, as they all have audio recorders these days).  

Doing this allows me to create emotion around the words and feelings. Often times I discover ways of wording things by speaking them which I may not have written. I think this is because the speaking process is so much quicker you don’t over analyse the sentences.

Tip: Check out the Dragon Dictation app. for iPhone.

Once this is done, I transcribe it into text. I actually use a voice to text conversion software which I have trained to understand my speaking style. I then edit the content to improve the flow and remove fluff and stuffing. I like things to be tight and concise but still entertaining and engaging.

I do the same thing for the about us page and make sure I talk about customer service, customer experience and credibility statements like achievements and milestones for the business. Finally, once I have these two pages transcribed, I look for content which is pertinent to the core of the website reason.

This Is An Extremely Important Step.

I then bunch this reason based content up in a word document separately and drill down into what I have written looking for a “What if” or “How to” statement. I then write a whole lot of potential headlines, honing them along the way to come up with the most compelling and succinct statement I can.

Here’s The Reason.

I am a big believer in doing things differently. If everyone’s website is saying “Hi” or “Welcome”, I will most likely do anything but. This is because it creates a point of difference and if done correctly will display confidence and strength. Most people are attracted to both these virtues and will be happy to read on.

[important]You see, your visitors are asking a question when they search the internet. They are looking for a solution to a problem. Because of this it is important to remember your “home” page is the landing page for your site. [/important]

When the “home” page is listed in a Google search it will have a short clip of the content there for the prospect to read so I feel its best not to waste this on a welcome message. The “What if” or “how to” statement which I spoke of earlier must be used as the headline because it hints at a solution and hopefully gets them to click through to your site.

I Suggest You Do This Little Test.

Type a topic into the Google search bar and hit enter. Now count how many top ranking sites have a welcome statement in the search results. I expect you will find none! This is because the sites that rank highly are created by savvy marketers. Might as well learn from the evidence I reckon.

Tip: Update your website content frequently to improve your Google rankings organically.

SEO V’s Headlines.

So many people go on about SEO (search engine optimisation) but few actually realise the importance of the headline. Don’t get me wrong, SEO is very important but the headline is what is displayed first on your page and therefore it is the content Google displays first about your page in the search results.

You might as well capitalise on this and attempt to hook the searcher from his search results. After all, every opportunity is a chance to improve your circumstances.

And as I have said before in older posts your business name does not make a good headline. There is an old saying in the newspaper industry,

“The only people who like your business name are you and your mother!” 😉

I hope today’s post has been helpful and I welcome your responses.

Til next time, make every moment count and take every opportunity. Believe me, opportunities are everywhere.


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